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Undergraduate Program
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Undergraduate Program

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Our undergraduate degree program provides students with the foundations of business that will enable them to pursue a broad spectrum of opportunities. In particular the program aims to provide students with:
•    Leading edge education in hotel, restaurant and tourism management
•    Individualized attention
•    A curriculum based upon industry involvement and academic research
•    Integrated work experience
•    Career opportunities
•    Personal and professional growth
•    An open-minded learning environment

The program is 120 credit hours total with 73 credit hours focused upon general business, and hotel, restaurant and tourism education.

HRT requirements consist of 34 credit hours made up by 22 credit hours of core courses and 12 credit hours of electives. A minor in HRT is also offered to other Bachelor of Science students.

For HRT majors, the 12 credit hours of electives provide students with a choice of completing a 9 credit hour concentration area in:
•    Hotel and Lodging
•    Convention and Event Management
•    Food and Beverage Management
•    Tourism
•    Plus one HRT elective

Alternatively, students may take their 12 credit hour HRT electives from any of the courses offered by the School. Curriculum details are provided on a separate insert.

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